BP CEO Resignation – BP Pensioner Group Statement 

As current and former employees of bp, the BP Pensioner group is naturally concerned that bp‘s CEO has been obliged to step down from what is an extremely important role. We hope that the new CEO will show a willingness to engage with the Pensioner Group to ensure the values that the company has always promoted and the commitments it has made over many years are upheld. We look forward to a more positive dialogue with the Company going forward.”

At the same time of the announcement, we received a response to our last chance letter from bp’s Executive Vice President, Legal which rejected the legal matters we raised and declined the invitation to meet and discuss.

We will take the opportunity to make fresh representations to the Company in the light of the change to the CEO, while at the same time continuing to prepare formal legal letters to be issued to the company and the trustees. We will be asking for your help to fund this work very shortly.

Issued on behalf of the BP Pensioner Group Steering Group.