In an unprecedented move, BP shockingly rejected the fair and affordable discretionary cost of living pension increase proposed by its own pension fund in 2023. Despite pension campaigners dismantling bp’s explanations, bp CEO Bernard Looney, who has openly aligned himself with this decision, obstinately refuses to engage in a dialogue addressing the valid concerns of pensioners.

Mr. Looney has cited what he felt were personal attacks from some pensioners and others on social media as the rationale for his refusal to meet with pensioners.

The BP Pensioner Group has not been made aware of any attacks cited by Mr Looney and cannot therefore comment on whether they are made by campaign members, or others outside the campaign group.

The BP Pensioner Group strongly encourages its campaign members to uphold appropriate standards when expressing their views on social media concerning the pensions dispute. The Group also explicitly distances itself from any form of personal attacks directed at bp employees, including the CEO, or indeed any other individuals.

It is evident that a handful of individuals’ severe criticism should not be the basis for prematurely shutting the door on tens of thousands of former and current BP staff who genuinely believe their case has not been heard.

The BP Pensioner Group continues to urge bp’s CEO to bring this dispute to an amicable resolution by actively engaging with representatives of the pension campaign.

It’s not too late to resolve the pensions issues informally. If BP continues to refuse to do this, a day will come where BP will have to account for the legitimacy of its recent pensions decisions.